NewCashs is a Marketing, Advertising and Sales organization dedicated to the launch of WalkEx WKX Tokens, Wallet online and Exchange registered and legalized in Estonia to operate with crypto-coins.

By participating in the NewCashs Business Plan you get the pre-sale, the WKX Tokens at the launch price. The pre-sale features will be used to fund tokens sales commissions, NewCashs affiliate network bonuses and the development and launch of ICO WalkEx, substantially enhancing WKX Tokens.

Participate in the NewCash Business Plan by choosing one of the available packages, which contains WKX Tokens and bonus entitlements and differentiated commissions in network formation.

Why invest in WalkEx?

Every year the number of people interested in cryptocurrencies doubles and the Exchanges are the only entry door to have cryptocurrencies, to buy, save, receive, send and sell it is necessary to be registered in one of them. That's why they grow and value a lot.

Why should you promote the commercialization of the WalkEx WKX Token?

Because 80% of the fees collected in transactions of this currency are distributed daily in our Affiliate Program, that is, I and all those who own Tokens WKX are left with the benefit of sales.

1º Round of Offer WKX

The first million Tokens WKX is on sale for U$0.10 per unit.

Minimum sale U $ 25,00

The potential for valuation occurs for the limit of the offer of Tokens, only 40.000.000 will be sold in PRE-ICO and offered in rounds of one million.

Every million Tokens sold value U$0.10 per unit.

Different and lucrative!

The PRE-ICO WalkEx proposal is different from all other ICO, we distribute 80% of the value of sales among participants of the Affiliate Program!

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